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Say No to Vaccine Mandates

And Demand a Commission of Independent Experts to Examine Vaccine Safety


Say No to Vaccine Mandates!


…And Demand Congress End All Vaccine Mandates!

September 13, 2021


National Health Federation strongly objects to the Biden Administration’s executive order mandating that all Federal employees and all workers in businesses with more than 99 employees be forcibly injected in an increasingly dangerous vaccination experiment. Instead, we need all Americans to send our email below to urge members of Congress to support and cosponsor Congressman Gohmert’s H.R. 5816 – the “National Informed Consent Exemption (NICE) Act” - to protect all of us from this and any other immoral, unethical, unscientific, and unconstitutional vaccine mandates for COVID-19 or any other disease.



Pharmaceutical companies, heftily paid by the Federal government and working with regulators in a major conflict-of-interest, rushed to bring a COVID-19 vaccine to market – a process that normally takes well over seven years – and the FDA most irresponsibly reacted with a formal, miniscule review process for approval. In fact, the normal process of having the FDA Advisory Committee review the drug-to-market process was entirely dispensed with! And this for an experimental drug employing new technology! This is outrageous!

      No pharmaceutical product or procedure should ever be forced or mandated under any pretext, particularly a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine that is free from liability for any harm it might cause, including death. And no Federal mandates should ever be handed down by the Executive Branch when it is the solemn obligation and right of the Legislative Branch to carefully consider such actions and then vote as a body upon them.

On a practical level, several studies have demonstrated a pattern of results showing over 1,000 percent less chronic disease among the unvaccinated. Yet, with COVID-19, measles a couple of years ago, the Zika virus before that, and probably future pandemics, the CDC and its media and political allies push their dogma that the only antidote to any disease is a vaccine. However, with the unvaccinated people being 1,000% healthier than their vaccinated fellows, it is unreasonable to force anyone into any vaccination and thus less-than-optimal health.


All diseases have treatments outside of vaccination. And the government’s own historical data proves that public health improved in the last century not because of vaccines but because of improved sanitation, plumbing, engineering, and lifestyle. Vaccinologists simply stole the credit from engineers and others who improved the health conditions in our country. 

Moreover, no government retains the legitimate power to deny anyone the sacred ethical right of Informed Consent. The President’s order conflicts with the Nuremberg Code, the international treaty signed after the Second World War that guarantees to all human beings on Earth to never again be denied their right to decline medical experiments. It also directly conflicts with the 2005 UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, to which the United States is a signatory.

Safe and effective solutions other than vaccines do exist. During the past year’s excessive hysteria over COVID-19, thousands of expert doctors and scientists have shown the efficacy of early treatment with a variety of non-vaccine medical protocols to be much higher than that of vaccines. The disease itself has a survival rate of approximately 99.98%. Infection and hospitalization of the vaccinated show efficacy below the 50% required to maintain a vaccine’s FDA emergency authorization, while the government’s vaccine-injury database is showing the same half-million number of harms to COVID-19 vaccinated people as to those who have supposedly died of the disease. Worst of all, hospitalization of COVID-19 patients has affected the vaccinated more so than the unvaccinated in more highly vaccinated nations such as Israel and the UK – with the CDC under fire for undercounting similar numbers in the U.S.

Congressman Gohmert’s NICE Act, on the other hand, would restore the Nuremberg Code’s sacred promise of Informed Consent, not only in the present pandemic but in any other time. Furthermore, this bill would form a truly independent and professional committee of physicians free of any conflicts of interest – to submit by 2026 a scientific report comparing the health of completely unvaccinated people to that of vaccinated people. Consumers deserve the freedom to control their own health decisions, and to access the science behind government health recommendations. Please support and cosponsor this historic legislation.




Say “Yes” to Congressman Gohmert's Bill and Tell Your Representatives and Senators to Cosponsor the “NICE Act”

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