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Stop the Wireless Mesh

Telecom’s Antennas Will Trap Us in a Digital Gulag

Politicians are risking loss of the grassroots support they gained from critical protection from corrupt COVID-19 mandates. This is because the Wireless Mesh their bills are enabling replace one threat to informed consent with another. We must defeat the flood of Wireless bills coasting through Congress, demand that States respect utility meter opt-out rights, and make instead the Federal Communications Commission obey the Court order to base their ElectroMagnetic Radio Frequency exposure guidelines on 11,000 pages of court-accepted scientific evidence of biological harm to humans and the environment.

1. Telecom Malfeasance against Preferred Fiber. Every American should by now already have broadband via fiber, paid for by taxes on our telephone bills. Polls show that consumers prefer fiber by two thirds. This money, however, was diverted by Telecom illegally to their wireless schemes to monetize data and profit via obsolescence. It may be cheaper in the short run to connect some rural homes via antennas, but the 50-year lifespan of a fiber cable will save more overall money than a 5-year-lasting antenna or the obsolescence requiring constant phone upgrades and equipment repairs. Wireless will only exacerbate the so-called broadband digital divide between those who are connected and those who are not.

Just a quick note that if you struggle with the zip code finder at the bottom of this page, just copy the entire text, find your U.S. Rep and both Senators, go to their websites and paste into an email to all 3 politicians.

2. Hurts Property Values. Property owners do not want to suffer takings of their property values from nearby wireless antennas to which they deny consent. Over 90% of surveyed Americans do not want wireless technology near their homes, while realtors are upset that these harmful and unsightly cell towers reduce home values by over 20%. 

3. Suppressed Danger.  Among the wireless dangers accepted by American courts, a 2018 study stems from the National Toxicology Program (NTP), which found "clear evidence" of DNA damage and cancer, making it suspicious that in 1996 Congress defunded any long-term radiation exposure studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In 2012, GAO complained of lax FCC exposure guidelines, and the NTP just announced it no longer would study radiation dangers. Is Telecom smothering the science just as Pharma continues to hide excess injuries stemming from its COVID-19 injections and other measures?

4. Uncompensated Taking. While the health-freedom grassroots appreciates those politicians who protected them against tyrannical COVID-19 mandates, they will not forgive elected officials if they deny the people informed consent when it comes to broadband connectivity. For example, if you were to suffer radiation pollution on your property from a neighbor's "OTARD" (Over-The-Air-Reception Devices) roof antenna, or from Verizon's small cell tower on your corner street pole, then you are suffering an uncompensated 5th amendment taking of your health (which evidence the D.C. Federal Appeals court has accepted) and your property (previous studies have shown cell towers reducing home values by over 20%). Telecom's unwanted wireless mesh threatens informed consent and is an unconstitutional taking of property.

5. Depressing Farm Yields.  Not only is Big Telecom trying to preempt local zoning protections for property owners (HR 3557), but also the House has passed HR 1339 to replace traditional farming with microwave ecology that will depress milk and crop yields, make soil sterile, and reduce fertility rates in farm animals to as low as 50%. We already know too many farmers are endangering food consumers via their acceptance of RNA-modifying livestock vaccines, harmful vet drugs such as zilpaterol, and GMO pesticides, versus sustainable, regenerative farming.  Synergizing these dangerous behaviors with the wireless mesh will exacerbate the real epidemic, CHRONIC disease. The microwave ecology also will be hackable by our adversaries, as admitted by former FCC Commissioner Wheeler when he stated that 5G is inherently insecure.

6. Ruining National Parks.  Another bill, passed in Natural Resources, is HR 6492.  It would exacerbate the known fire risk of cell towers, by carpeting our public lands with antennas that are unneeded and unwanted. They are unneeded because any hiker now with an iPhone can use satellites to call 911, and unwanted because patrons of our parks go there to escape digitalization

7. Corporate Welfare.  Politicians complain about Big Telecom subsidies but fail to understand that there is no way they'll disappear if we subsidize wireless over fiber. That's because wireless has built-in obsolescence, forcing consumers to upgrade phones and requiring constant repairs of equipment. Once fiber is buried or hung, on the other hand, such cables last half a century. To get fiber to every premise, let States and markets negotiate on the best solutions only reachable locally, as envisioned in the Irregulators Lawsuit.  

8. Unwanted Digital Gulag.  Politicians are making a GRAVE mistake by allowing Big Telecom to pass its bills to replace safe, reliable, energy-efficient, secure, and fast fiber with unsafe, unreliable, energy-consumptive, insecure, and slow wireless. If we awake to a dangerous, ugly forest of antennas outside our bedrooms, classrooms, offices, and  nearby parks, we will look to see who silently stood by while Telecom unleashed this unwanted threat to our health, property, and the environment. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) is on the verge of preempting sovereign public-health responses by WHO’s member nations, with coercive measures to be used against those people thinking independently of the “narrative” gatekeepers. This coercion will happen via mass surveillance on the wireless mesh, making an outright digital gulag among the array of antennas, routers, smart meters, antennas, and devices.  Big Brother, anyone?

Please oppose Big Telecom’s legislation that will force Americans to accept harmful wireless instead of safe fiber. Guarantee in each State a right to opt out of wireless utility meters, and make the FCC update its wireless exposure guidelines that respect the court’s order to account for the thousands of pages of scientific evidence of biological harm to humans and the environment.

Just a quick note that if you struggle with the zip code finder at the bottom of this page, just copy the entire text, find your U.S. Rep and both Senators, go to their websites and paste into an email to all 3 politicians.

Once finished, please go to NHF's campaign page and send an email on another Health Freedom topic.  The more the politicians hear from us, the less excuse they'll have to ignore important threats to health and liberty!

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