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Stop the Wireless Mesh

Telecom’s Antennas Will Trap Us in a Digital Gulag

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Globalist Bureaucracies Threaten Health Sovereignty

Time to Exit the World Health Organization and the Entire International Apparatus

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Demand Safe, Non-Wireless Utility Meters

Utilities can Spy & Coerce Behavior with Dangerous Meters for Gas, Electricity & Water

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Don't let Telecom Ignore Local Rights!

Without LOCAL Powers to Deny Wireless Antennas, their Wireless "Mesh" will become our Digital Prison!

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Stop Polluting Our Air!

Aviation-induced Cloudiness Is a Bigger Threat Than Greenhouse Gasses

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Farmers: Don't Contaminate our Food!

If Vaxxed or Gene-Altered, Food Needs Labeling & Consumers Demand Informed Consent

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Save Homeopathy & Natural Compounding!

Mainstream Medicine has failed the REAL epidemic: Chronic Disease