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Make Pharma Liable for Vaccine Harms!

If Vaccines are Safe and Effective, Industry Shouldn't mind Liability

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Expand HSAs for Supplements & Patient Empowerment

Health Savings Accounts expand choices for consumers; Supplements build immunity against disease

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Stop the National Patient ID & Vaccine Database

Don’t let Big Brother or Crony Businesses Discriminate Based on Health Status

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Infrastructure Broadband: WIRED, not wireless!

We demand hearings on Telecom's capture of the regulatory process

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Say No to Vaccine Mandates

And Demand a Commission of Independent Experts to Examine Vaccine Safety

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Stop FDA Threat to Consumer-preferred Supplements

Their "New Dietary Ingredient" Guidance will Bankrupt Thousands of Supplements, and Congress is Making it Worse

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Enforce & Mitigate 5G Wireless Broadband Emissions

If industry can't comply with wireless radiation limits, government must mitigate its antenna deployment

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National Exemption to Vaccine Mandates

Protecting workers, shoppers, learners and everyone else from vaccine mandates & passports.

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Overturn Washington, D.C.’s Attack on Vaccine Parental Consent

Congress must overrule DC’s attack on parental rights, oppose vaccine mandates and tracking, restore pharma liability, require independent safety testing and protect civil rights for refusers