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Pass the Medical Freedom Amendment

When it comes to matters of health, the Medical Freedom Amendment (MFA) is necessary to protect all of us from the overreach of government. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has gained control over medical policies and actions for the World. Each and every government member is now obliged to follow WHO’s directions when it comes to health “emergencies.” Our government is the major financial engine behind the WHO and willingly commits itself to those actions, medical decisions, and mandates.

It is one thing for a government to obligate itself to certain medical agreements, whether in the best interest of the country or not. However, that does not mean that the American government has that same authority over its citizens. When citizens have protection through the U.S. Constitution, the government must honor that freedom under all conditions and under the judicial court system.

Technically, under the Ninth Amendment the Federal government has no authority whatsoever over the medical choices made by Americans. However, as with so many other customs and laws, this express reservation of rights is honored more in the breach than in the observance. It is this utter disregard of the Ninth Amendment that has required the specific wording present in the MFA. It must address the possible ways the government has denied these rights. It also specifically protects the relationship of the Individual and the healthcare provider.

Therefore, it is prudent and necessary to make it our highest priority to protect each citizen’s medical freedom, choice, and privacy. This protection is also insured by the necessary medical informed consent of the individual. The first and foremost statement in the MFA is “All people have the right to secure their Health in the manner they choose.”

The Medical Freedom Amendment reads:

"All people have the Right to secure their Health in the manner they choose. Congress, the President, State Legislatures and Executives, Governmental Agencies or Departments shall make no law, rule, regulation, or executive order that impedes the Individual's rights to informed consent nor right to medical choice nor freedom of medical choice. Nor shall the President, Congress, State Legislatures and Executives, Governmental Agencies or Departments make any law, rule, regulation, or executive order that impedes the Individual's right to medical privacy and freedom without individual and specific judicial warrant supported by Oath and affirmation of necessary cause to protect Society from Harm describing the Individual's condition and danger it presents."

With freedom of speech there are certain long-standing limitations where speech cannot, for example, be used to incite a riot or by yelling “fire” when there is no fire to cause a panic. So, too, with medical freedom, if there exists a specific element of medical danger from a citizen to society, then the government could seek and obtain a court warrant allowing it to then act in the interests of society. However, this warrant must meet certain criteria. It can only be for an individual and not as a group. It must have medical danger as a proven cause to society, and it must show that the warrant is based upon the dangerous condition of the individual.

The Medical Freedom Amendment protects choice. It does not make a judgment about what a person should or should not do since it is a personal and inalienable right of each citizen to make their own medical decisions.

This Amendment urgently needs passage to stop the next wave of government medical overreach, which is even more dangerous than imaginable with our personal medical data now being recorded and used electronically. This link – – takes the reader to a video that explains the growth of the medical tyranny that has gripped this country and effectively eliminated our freedom of medical choice.

Let our actions be a beacon to others in this life-affirming battle to protect our inherent medical freedom. Take action now to see this Amendment pass.


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