Stop Polluting Our Air!

Aviation-induced Cloudiness Is a Bigger Threat Than Greenhouse Gasses

The COVID-19 tyranny has awakened Americans to the rampant corruption in our government health care. People have always, though, opposed pollution. But too few realize that governments worldwide for the better part of the century have been dumping toxins in the clouds, hoping to modify weather but also harming our health and wrecking the environment. 


Under the 1970 Clean Air Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2020 finalized rules limiting airline jet pollutants.1 States like Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland have attempted in the past – or are attempting anew – to  prohibit  atmospheric polluting known as geoengineering, cloud seeding, or  weather modification. And just as domestic Public Health faces preemption from the World Health Organization (WHO), our national climate modification faces interference from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). We need separation from the WMO, stronger EPA jet pollution enforcement, and bans federally and in the 50 States on clean-air-threatening weather modification and geoengineering programs.

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An overwhelming percentage of Americans who told Pew Research in 2021 that they understand solar geoengineering and cloud seeding said also that they are opposed to them and aware that both “...will be used before we fully understand how they affect the Earth’s ecosystems.”2 The EPA, unfortunately, ignored cloud formation – and the emission of harmful metal aerosols attributed to Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, and a plethora of other debilitating illnesses – in its 2015 proposal for jet-fuel emission regulation.3 Worse, academic, military, and other institutions are unrestricted and well-funded for practices that litter the skies with hazardous pollutants. Given that our enemies could emit these pollutants in a terrorist attack, Congress should require random testing to ensure jet-plane compliance. Yet, page 22 of a 2021 report, “Federal Weather Enterprise,” states, “continued but reduced attention is being paid to the effects of airborne toxins, ozone, and fine particulate matter on human health, and the impact of air pollution on human health and sensitive ecosystems,” revealing that the EPA would pay even less attention to air pollution health effects.4

In 2022, unfortunately, the Biden administration proposed 5 years of geoengineering testing; at the same time, a group of eminent scientists demanded an international ban on such testing.5 We agree with the scientists. Not only is EPA being prevented from protecting clean air, but Biden’s proposal would have many other US regulatory bodies - such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation and MANY others - in  “atmospheric aerosol dispersion” experiments coordinated by the World  Meteorological Organization.6  We should separate from international governmental bodies that threaten American interests.

We are thankful, then, that some States have limited – or will limit – atmospheric cloud seeding. While cloud seeding bans in the 1960s in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania were sunsetted in the 1970s, we hope that these and other States will copy the 2023 proposals of Connecticut and Rhode Island, stating:

Aerosol injection, cloud-seeding, weather modification, geoengineering and other hazardous atmospheric activities, purposed to intentionally pollute and/or manipulate the environment, are hereby prohibited within or above the State of Rhode Island.”7

It should be noted that States on a regional basis took matters into their own hands in 2010 when some northeastern States banned the fuel additive of sulfur dioxide, which is a cause of acid rain as well as asthma in children and the elderly.8 Until our national politicians stop polluting the air – or colluding with international governmental organizations for the same – we need the States to at least keep our air clean by putting a halt to atmospheric experimentation and weather manipulation.










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