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Ban BioWeaponization Research & Investigate Public Health's COVID-19 Corruption

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Protect Youngest Kids from FDA/CDC Shots

Congress needs also to pass the NICE act, to allow refusal of any vaccine and clean up the science behind their "rubberstamp" approval

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Stop Supplement Attacks in the 50 States

Several states are scapegoating safe supplements over parental concern over childhood weight disorders.  The bills won't help kids, but they will bankrupt small retailers.

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Get all 50 States to study 5G Wireless Dangers

New Hampshire's Committee Recommended Mitigation of Unappreciated Wireless Harms

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Make Pharma Liable for Vaccine Harms!

If Vaccines are Safe and Effective, Industry Shouldn't mind Liability

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Expand HSAs for Supplements & Patient Empowerment

Health Savings Accounts expand choices for consumers; Supplements build immunity against disease

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Stop Fed Vaccine Tracking & WHO Ceding

Via Patient ID, Database Coordination & World Health Organization Control, Govt Wants to Coerce Behavior

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Infrastructure Broadband: WIRED, not wireless!

We demand hearings on Telecom's capture of the regulatory process

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Say No to Vaccine Mandates

And Demand a Commission of Independent Experts to Examine Vaccine Safety

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Stop FDA Threat to Consumer-preferred Dietary Supplements

Delete Senator Durbin’s “Mandatory Supplement List” from the FDA User Fee bill