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Demand Safe, Non-Wireless Utility Meters

Utilities can Spy & Coerce Behavior with Dangerous Meters for Gas, Electricity & Water

Right before the 2022 Thanksgiving holiday, an electricity monopoly left half a dozen families without power because they preferred not to be polluted with Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation (RFMR) emanating from a Smart Utility Meter. After a 2009 law in response to the Great Recession included a provision unleashing smart meters allegedly to “conserve energy,” Americans revolted, leading to several States mandating that utilities offer consumers the right to opt out of these dangerous devices. The National Health Federation calls on all 50 States to guarantee the right of consumers to be able to choose a safe, non-wireless analog or Ethernet meter, without additional charges.

(Here is a link to learn more about your State utility meter policies).

As the story above on abusive utility behavior shows, it is important that the State “opt out” policy provides a real opt out, that is, the “opt out” meter policy should:

  1. be based on statute, not just at the discretion of the utility monopoly;

  2. guarantee a non-wireless, not just “non-communicating,” meter; 

  3. warn that “non-communicating” meters generate “dirty electricity” – voltage spiking on home circuits with health dangers recognized by the International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP); and

  4. not impose extra monthly charges for only wanting a safe meter.

Viewing the side-by-side chart comparing Smart, Non-Communicating, and non-Wireless meters, both Smart meters and “non-communicating” meters emit RFMW and dirty electricity. With education, all Americans will want meters that are safe, and thus non-wireless.

It is important to note that the Utility, Telecom and Technology industries have not performed any safety studies of their infrastructure.  Also, since 2021, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ignored a court mandate to review 11,000 pages of scientific evidence of biological harm to humans and the environment. These studies include findings of possible carcinogenicity by the World Health Organization and definite carcinogenicity by the National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program. Physicians for Safe Technology describes the science here. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended long-term safety studies of the RFMW environmental pollutant, Congress cynically defunded that EPA effort to protect consumers. Utilities have gone rogue, with zero safety guidelines and a policy of “I see nothing” when it comes to human injuries.  

Smart Meters irradiate families in their homes on average 190,000 times in a 24-hour period. They are part of a larger RF microwave mesh network that is constantly relaying to hundreds of other neighboring smart meters and then to 5G utility routers and towers that are always on. These are direct energy weapons that allow for 24-7 surveillance and implementation of the Great Reset’s Agenda 2030 Smart City regional grid.

As for imposing extra charges on Americans who only want meters that aren’t dangerous, The Wall Street Journal and other papers have found power companies hiking prices for smart meters by 10%. Utilities, therefore, earn plenty of money to afford their traditional manned-reading of analog meters. If anyone should pay a surcharge, it should be from the Utilities to property owners, for the uncompensated 5th Amendment taking of coerced, environmental RFMW pollution. Smart technology costs actually more than analog, for built-in “obsolescence,” the guaranteed breakage after a certain time period. Since analog (non-wireless) meters cost less in maintenance, utilities will save money from a strengthened opt-out option. 

If smart meters do not conserve energy, what are they for? Are we being coerced because of avarice, to monetize our data collected by smart meters, the Internet of Things, and a forest of 5G antennas Congress is seeking to mount outside our bedrooms, kids’ classrooms and in nearby parks? Our privacy is not for sale, and we know the behavior coercion awaiting America if we fail to separate from global entities like the WHO or UN. We urge defeat of congressional bills to replace safe and secure fiber broadband with dangerous and unreliable wireless antennas, and we support local ordinances to set back antennas away from our families.  

If States fail to respect consumer preference for safe utility metering, we may need to restore 19th century utility competition, or at least allow reasonable deregulation. But we must not let politicians morph the Wireless Mesh inundation into a Digital Prison where we lose our health, property, and freedom.

Note: NHF’s State campaigns sometimes do not work if you have not yet sent an email from one of our Federal campaigns. If you struggle, then, to input your data below to contact your State reps, send first our Federal campaign against Wireless Preemption, then return to complete this page.

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