Health Freedom mandates health tyranny globalists

Globalist Bureaucracies Threaten Health Sovereignty

Time to Exit the World Health Organization and the Entire International Apparatus

            Humane health care and the universal right of Informed Consent are under concerted attack by global elitists. Every American is under the threat of the return of “pandemic” health tyranny, so we must separate ourselves from global institutions, devolve domestic bureaucracies to the States, and demand health freedom.

Despite losing half of the public’s trust, America’s scientific community still sees data centralization and patient tracking as the main solutions to the repeated pandemic failures of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the 50 State governments. 

Worse, the Biden Administration has greenlighted the ceding of pandemic sovereignty to the globalist World Health Organization (WHO). Before the WHO and its International Health Regulations (IHR) preempt national public health discretion, we must defund and leave the WHO (via the House Appropriations bill and HR 79, respectively), and leave all globalist entities like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (via Senator Mike Lee’s bill and Rep. Perry’s bill, respectively).

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The behavior coercion desired by global elitists already failed during COVID-19’s tyranny, so why would we allow it to happen again, whether by DC bureaucrats or by any foreign institution? Gubernatorial lockdowns sabotaged the livelihoods of millions, and the experimental injection’s aggravation of excess injury and death has no end in sight. And with a bill conspiratorially named “Disease X” seeking to perpetrate yet more fear in order to gin up support for WHO preemption, time is running short to kick the globalists out of America.

If Congress should do anything (apart from leaving the UN and all globalist institutions), it should devolve or privatize all unconstitutional, Federal health programs. The CDC duplicates State health departments, the FDA duplicates the private Underwriters Laboratory, the NIH duplicates university and private research, and Medicare duplicates State Medicaid. By dividing domestic, coercive bureaucracies among the 50 States or the marketplace, they will have to compete for voter support unlike today where a single, national bureaucracy can do the bidding of its regulated corporations and gain protection from reformist politicians. Once placed in the States and marketplace, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs will be forced to work harder to gain or regain consumer trust.

It is not just the WHO that wants to coerce compliant behavior – with censorship – but its parent organization, the UN, envisions new, global financing and world control of food production under UN Agenda 2030 for even more violations of sovereignty.  

Persecuted frontline Dr. Meryl Nass asserts that the WHO's proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO:

"to take over jurisdiction of everything in the World by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health." In addition to that, it will remove human rights protections, enforce censorship and digital passports, require governments to push a single "official" narrative, and enable the WHO to declare "pandemics" on a whim. "We're undergoing a soft coup ... under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda."

Investigative researcher James Corbett at minute 9 in this interview reviews another nefarious aspect of WHO preemption, stemming from a program called “One Health,” which entails bioweapon research sharing in order to collectively concoct treatments that can then be mandated on hapless populations. Lead WHO researcher James Roguski has this for a general WHO overview.  

The pro-globalist elites overseas and in our own government – and the private biotech conglomerates – want to coerce people’s behavior via energy-rationing carbon footprints, cancellable currency, medical compliance passports and bodily tracking, along with censorship of any speech that conflicts with the gatekeepers’ narrative. And with fraud and secrecy in the IHR Treaty processes themselves, there is no way that any American can trust these WHO negotiators to respect our health or liberties. Such IHR fraud includes:

  • illegitimate submission and adoption of amendments,

  • missed deadlines on draft submissions,

  • excluding members from notice of processes, and

  • ignoring comments submitted by the public in opposition to the WHO’s IHR negotiations.

The first rule of humane healthcare is “Do No Harm.” The WHO pandemic “Treaty” and regulations violate that fundamental principle. We join with the billions who refused the COVID-19 “vaccines” and demand national and personal sovereignty in health affairs, an end to connection with foreign special interests and their captured institutions, and further domestic reform to restore trust in health authorities.

Just a quick note that if you struggle with the zip code finder at the bottom of this page, just copy the below text, find your U.S. Rep and both Senators and paste into an email to all 3 politicians.

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