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Passing Health Freedom via Spending Bills

Appropriations Riders can Defund Harmful Bureaucracies


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Defunding bureaucracies via the annual congressional spending process makes  an effective way to achieve policy goals when an actual bill on the matter fails to pass. In 2023, and in any year for that matter, the National Health Federation (NHF) – the World’s oldest health-freedom organization, going back to 1955 – supports the following Appropriations amendments to cut spending and restore health freedom:

(1)   GLOBAL PREEMPTION. Defunding the World Health Organization, whose Pandemic Accord, International Health Regulations, One Health Initiative, and tyrannical enabling during the COVID-19 hysteria all seek Public Health preemption of the health authority of its member nations. NHF has a separate anti-centralization campaign to pass a bill achieving the same, a campaign that also seeks avoidance of the previously-passed House bill centralizing State vaccine tracking and tagging patients with a National ID.  Defunding the WHO won’t complete the task of escaping its preemption. As a signatory nation, the United States will allow preemption if by December 3, 2023 we don’t officially reject IHR amendments agreed to in May of 2022.

(2)   FEEDING US DEATH.  Defunding research into “edible” vaccines, the Frankenstein-like insertion of toxic chemicals & mechanisms via our food, without informed consent. Pork producers apparently already have contaminated that part of America’s food supply with modified RNA vaccines, and Missouri’s legislature has undertaken the first debate to require warnings on such infected food. Here is NHF’s specific campaign against farmer poisoning of our livestock. Given the government’s failure to stop special-interest contamination of the food supply, Congress also must defund any USDA effort to interfere in consumer access to local farm produce and livestock.

(3)   BARRING EFFECTIVE HEALERS.  Defunding FDA enforcement of its guidance on homeopathy, which prohibits those homeopathic remedies that have not gone through the expensive FDA drug-approval process (an impossible standard). The future of medicine is not Pharma, but rather personalized and natural. Homeopathy, by definition, is individualized to the patient’s needs, and uses one's own immunity to stimulate health. Send separately NHF’s campaign for both homeopathy and natural compounding.

(4)   CENSORING TRUTH.  Defunding 25% OF DHS’s censorship program, CISA, which took upon itself the protection of “cognitive” infrastructure, that is, controlling information, as opposed to respecting Free Speech. Censorship of what the government deemed “misinformation” led to countless injuries and deaths, as no informed consent can take place without Free Speech. CISA is under an injunction not to demand any more social media censorship.

(5)   PLANDEMIC PIPELINE.  Defunding research into viral weaponization, the probable source behind the COVID-19 pandemic, although Fauci continues to deny it. 

(6)   FORCED VAXX EXPERIMENTATION.  Defunding further TSA vaccine mandates or any visitor vaccine mandate, last extended through May 11, 2023.  NHF led the effort to pressure the White House Occupant to lift its ban on unvaxxed visitors.

(7)   DIGITAL PRISON.  Congress is about to pass a host of broadband bills ostensibly to bridge the digital divide, but biased towards dangerous wireless and against local zoning to enable consumer-preferred fiber to the premises. NHF urges congressional defunding of broadband deployment until the Federal Communications Commission complies with its 2021 Court order to review 11,000 pages of scientific evidence of harm to humans and the environment, AND sets up a mitigation plan when wireless emissions exceed Federal safety limits.

(8)   AIR POLLUTION.  The Biden regime proposed in its 2021 Federal Weather Enterprise Report various geoengineering experiments, with a reduced role for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to examine the health impacts of “airborne toxins.” Congress needs to defund these insane experiments until EPA fully studies the risks of “atmospheric aerosol dispersion” experiments.

Of course, Federal spending overall is out of control.  Standing now at 33 trillion dollars, it took almost 200 years for the Federal debt to reach one trillion dollars.  NHF has recommended that we take steps to “restore trust in health authorities,” via the abolition of the Federal health bureaucracies, which have no authorization under the Constitution’s Enumerated Powers Clause. FDA could be privatized via Underwriters Laboratory-like private certification organizations; CDC duplicates Public Health departments in the 50 States and is not only unnecessary but actually counter-productive; NIH research is duplicated at universities and private institutions; and Medicare duplicates State Medicaid programs. Implementing NHF’s proposed spending cuts would save a third of the budget, improve health programs, and spare Americans from further medical tyranny.

Above all, the government’s power to create money must be abolished. In his book Capitalism, George Reisman says, “All talk about balancing the Federal budget is just so many empty words” as long as government spending is not constrained by tax revenue. “Even proposals for constitutionally balanced budgets cannot be taken seriously.” A return to a monetary unit beyond political control is required if this era of government by deficit is to end.

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