Get all 50 States to study 5G Wireless Dangers

New Hampshire's Committee Recommended Mitigation of Unappreciated Wireless Harms

Now that New Hampshire’s wireless communication Safety Commission has issued its recommendations on mitigating the radio frequency (RF) exposure risk,[1] the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refuses to acknowledge those exposure risks.[2] The National Health Federation urges both the Federal government and the fifty State governments to build on New Hampshire’s recommendations.  NHF previously urged the Federal government to impose a moratorium on Fifth Generation (5G) RF deployment.[3]  In this new campaign, NHF urges politicians in each of the fifty States (and additional territories) to form an RF Safety Commission modeled on the just-completed committee in New Hampshire – and implement NH’s recommendations.

New Hampshire’s report repeated the impossible-to-ignore fact that thousands of scientists over decades have published studies warning how wireless communication in cell phones, towers, antennae, smart meters, routers, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) causes cancers, damages DNA, risks infertility, pierces the brain barrier via synergetic mixing with other toxins, and stresses oxidation that then in turn aggravates a host of other diseases.[4]  The National Toxicology Program of the National Institutes of Health, for example, famously found animal tumors from thermal levels below those acceptable to the FCC.[5]  More sinisterly, our government reported that foreign actors targeted our diplomats with weaponized 5G frequencies [6], and that our military runs right now the “Active Denial” wireless weapon for crowd control.[7]  Industry leaders confessed in congressional testimony that they lack safety studies.[8] The FCC cannot simply continue ignoring these hard facts.

In order to deploy the 5G network, the telecommunications industry is proposing to place hundreds of thousands of new cellular antennas near homes on neighborhood streets. The densification of transmitting antennas will significantly increase our involuntary exposure to radiofrequency radiation. 5G will use new beamforming antennas, higher frequencies, and a complex mix of signals. Trees that are in the way, no matter how old or majestic, will be summarily cut down.

To protect families despite FCC intransigence, governments around the World have suspended 5G and other wireless communication, absent proven safety.  National governments like the Netherlands, Italy, China, and Russia impose RF limits far stricter than those in the U.S.  Other U.S. States like Oregon have required studies.  Local governments like those in Easton, Connecticut, Hawaii County, several jurisdictions in California, and sixty mayors in France, have called for a halt to any 5G near homes.  A Florida town right now is resisting risky 5G deployment.[9]  Now that New Hampshire has itemized its recommendations, it is time for legislation both Federally and in each State.

Following New Hampshire’s recommendations, the bill needed Federally and in the States should: (1) Create setbacks for cell antennas and homes and schools; (2) Replace school wireless with hard wiring (fiber optic cables are faster, safer, and more secure); (3) Guarantee "Smartmeter" opt out rights, to have instead a non-wireless, ANALOG meter for measuring utility usage for electricity, water and gas; (4) Establish 5G-free and wireless-free zones in libraries, parks, hospitals, nursing homes, and other sensitive locations; (5) Educate the public as to how they may mitigate wireless exposure; (6) Measure and publicly post RF levels in communities; (7) Develop safety limits that protect against biological effects on human and nature’s flora and fauna; and (8) Demand that the FCC establish and implement an INDEPENDENT RF safety review that includes reviewing its impacts upon all life.  

American families want faster and better communications, but they also tell pollsters they are concerned with wireless safety.[10]  Please enact legislation Federally and in the fifty States implementing New Hampshire’s recommendations.

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