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Infrastructure Broadband: WIRED, not wireless!

We demand hearings on Telecom's capture of the regulatory process


Americans are waking up to the assault – without informed consent – of constant exposure to wireless radio frequency radiation (RFR).  In Biden’s 2021 infrastructure bill (Public Law No: 117-58), Big Telecom received $65 billion dollars towards the proliferation of unsafe and untested 5G (and beyond) technology without a single mention of safe and secure fiber optic broadband to and through the premises (FTTP).[1]

Given by Congress under the guise of “bridging the digital divide” in underserved areas, this law leaves unaddressed the finding in the 2020 Irregulators lawsuit that the industry has already received subsidies from copper wireline service fees imposed on consumers as far back as the 1990s to complete the FTTP infrastructure throughout the entire U.S.[2]  

Congress should fix the Infrastructure law by deleting Section 60102(a)(2)I(ii)II on page 756 of H.R. 3684 – or at least by amending the Section to include wired broadband, not just slow, unreliable, hackable, and energy-guzzling wireless.  In addition to fixing this section of the law, Congress needs to hold hearings on why the dangers of wireless are being suppressed. 

Over 90% of surveyed Americans don’t want wireless technology near their homes. Realtors are upset that these harmful and unsightly cell towers reduce home values by over 20%. [3] In 2018, the National Institute of Health published the results of its National Toxicology Program (NTP) study that found wireless causes cancer and alters DNA.[4] More recently in 2021, the D.C. Court of Appeals challenged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for lying about their wireless safety guidelines that were found not to be science-based.[5]  Finally, several States (including New Hampshire) are creating commissions to investigate wireless safety and mitigation.[6]

Given the above concerns of homeowners, realtors, States, courts, and the Federal government, Congress needs to hold hearings on the telecommunication industry and its capture of the FCC regarding wireless safety, its dangers to the environment and humans, and its costly systemic inefficiencies. Testimony should be provided by scientists, doctors, and engineers independent of any telecom corporate influence.  These hearings should examine:

       Federal adoption of the New Hampshire 5G Safety Commission recommendations, including mitigation for our classrooms and bedrooms; wireless-free zones for sensitive areas; measurement & public education of current RFR & power emission levels; and how to assure independence of safety reviews

       The Irregulators Lawsuit requiring State financial audits on the amount of money that was supposed to build FTTP

       The NTP study on wireless health effects, and independent scientific reviews

       The extent to which the FCC is meeting its mandate per 47 U.S.C. §151 to protect the safety of life and property [7]

       Mandatory participation of the wireless industry in the Administration's Greenhouse Gas Emission Goals to make 5G more energy efficient [8]

Thank you for addressing telecom’s capture of the Federal regulatory process, a corruption that is hurting the most effective effort to bridge the digital divide with FTTP.  Americans want affordable and safe wired connectivity to the premises, and Congress needs to hold hearings about why we’re getting unsafe and untested wireless instead.











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