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Tell the FDA That We Will Not Tolerate the Abolition of Homeopathic Medicine in America!

We Have The Right To Choose!

The FDA has Plans to End Homeopathy in America as Soon as January 2020. Your Comments are Needed NOW. Please also let your Congressional representatives to let them know your stance on this issue.

On October 25, 2019, the FDA published a document to the Federal Register entitled "Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic; Draft Guidance for Food and Drug Administrative Staff and Industry."

This document announced that “FDA intends to prioritize enforcement and regulatory action with regard to drug products, including biological products, labeled as homeopathic and marketed in the US without the required FDA approval that potentially pose higher risk to public health.”

This essentially means that the FDA intends to classify homeopathic remedies as “unapproved drugs”, and is thus illegal. This could make selling, prescribing, and practicing homeopathy illegal. No more homeopathic remedies on the shelves! For a homeopathic medicine to be legal, it would need to go through the New Drug Application (NDA process). Who is going to fund this extremely expensive process? And, isn’t it a little ironic that the Agency that unduly questions the effectiveness of homeopathy is now proposing that homeopathic medicines will be unapproved drugs? 

Additionally, elsewhere in the Federal Register, the FDA announced the withdrawal of CPG 400.400. CPG 400.400 was the administrative regime that the FDA used for homeopathy for 30 years, ensuring the quality and purity of homeopathic medicines, and acknowledging a marketplace for homeopathic remedies. Since the FDA unlawfully announced the withdrawal of the CPG 400.400, homeopathic manufacturers no longer have governing guidelines or recognition. 

If we do not come together and let the FDA know that homeopathy is safe and effective, and that we will not tolerate the abolition of homeopathy in America, this time-honored system of medicine will no longer be available to us. 

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