Health Freedom

End Vaxx Coercion in States

prohibit medical mandates or tracking


NHF supporters have legislative goals federally in Washington, DC, but also challenges in each of the 50 states (and additional territories).  There’s a letter you can send to your state representative and state senator to advance the following solutions.

While pharmaceutical liability immunity and regulatory corruption represent issues in our national government, the state legislatures house the fights over vaccine mandates for schools or by employers, tracking and driver license denial, civil rights and accommodation, and medical practices [1].  

Your letter will ask your state politicians to:

  1. Amend Education and Child Care Codes to oppose vaccine mandates, or at least allow exemptions for medicinal, religious or philosophical reasons; and prohibit mandates by unelected health bureaucrats or during emergency orders.  The Institutes of Medicine reported in 2011 that it lacked data to tie or discount a causal connection between vaccination and vaccine injuries, showing a lack of safety to justify any vaccine mandate; a 2018 lawsuit showed continued refusal by the government to prove vaccine safety - without which mandates are unethical and dangerous.

  1. Amend Occupational or Labor codes to prohibit employee mandates by owners - including those of medical institutions.  Covid vaccines are approved only under the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) emergency (experimental) status, and denying Informed Consent in experiments violates the 1947 Nuremberg Code and 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

  1. Amend Vaccine Registry laws by repealing them, or at least changing “opt-out” to “opt-in”, to protect privacy and limit illegal government snooping on innocent Americans.  Databases leak, and can be shared with other agencies and entities, ultimately denying rights to vaccine refusers.  Along this same line Identification and Drivers License codes must be amended by prohibiting denial or use of either to discriminate based on vaccination status.

  2. Amend Civil Rights and Public Accommodation laws, to prohibit civil rights discimination by employers against customers merely trying to shop, travel, enjoy entertainment and go about one's life and business.  Owners may have inherently the right to exclude customers based on control of their property, but refuser discrimination stems not from owner preference but rather from fear of lawsuit or subtle pressure from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  We must keep America open for business and not violate Informed Consent for experimental vaccines.

  1.  Amend Medical Practice codes to prohibit medical institutions from denying services to unvaccinated patients.  Patients in a hospital or nursing home should not have to vaccinate or participate in medical experiments just to receive unrelated care.

After sending the above letter to your state politicians, call them please to request an answer, and email their response to NHF’s lobbyist, at  

Coalesce with friendly health freedom activists to find what bills get introduced on the above codes, and please let Mr. Frohman know what they are.


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