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Make Pharma Liable for Vaccine Harms!

If Vaccines are Safe and Effective, Industry Shouldn't mind Liability

Make the Pharmaceutical Industry Liable for the Vaccine Harm that They Cause

For safer vaccines, their manufacturers must bear responsibility for injuries

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This year’s shocking finding by life insurers of 40% excess death (pointing to COVID-19 vaccination), has led over half of Americans to admit in a Rasmussen poll that they fear vaccine injury.[1,2]  As these vaccinations get mandated for doctors, nurses, soldiers, pilots, workers and ever-younger students, families are learning to their chagrin that the courts offer no redress for harms.  Indeed, the “Vaccine Court” that the government set up for COVID-19 vaccination injuries contains fatal flaws rendering compensation nearly impossible.[3]  For vaccine accountability, Congress needs to transfer injection-injury liability back onto the manufacturers themselves. Otherwise, the manufacturers have no incentive to stop injuring Americans.

Congressman Perry’s H.R. 6282 would affect this accountability, by exempting COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer from the liability shield granted suppliers of “countermeasures'' during a declared “emergency.”[4]  Injury liability was removed from the pharmaceutical industry for all shots long ago, after excessive injuries from the now-withdrawn DTP shot led manufacturers to threaten halting vaccines if not granted liability immunity.  Congress granted this protection with the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.[5]

Since that gift to industry two things have exploded from a dozen to over fifty:  the number of required vaccine doses and the percentage of those detrimentally affected by chronic diseases like diabetes and autoimmunity.[6]  Several studies have shown an incredible 1,000% less chronic disease among the unvaccinated, but the government still refuses to study this shocking fact.[7]  There exists a bill (H.R. 5816) that would prohibit the government from continuing to refuse to study the unvaccinated. Congressman Gohmert’s bill also would establish a National Informed Consent Exemption (NICE) to allow Americans to decline any vaccine.[8]  Mr. Gohmert is a cosponsor of Mr. Perry’s bill as well, because as a lawyer he understands the importance of justice.

There can be no justice for the almost 1 million COVID-9 vaccine harms recorded in the government’s database, until the pharmaceutical industry faces liability for their vaccine injuries. The liability bill does not hold Big Pharma liable for all vaccines, just COVID-19.  But the improvement to COVID-19 vaccine accountability from H.R. 6282 will lead to consumer demand for fixing liability for all other shots.  After all, why would Big Pharma manufacture a vaccine that would expose them to bankrupting liability?

Support Mr. Perry’s bill, please, to repeal the subsidy for unsafe vaccines and to stop aggravating the true epidemic: chronic disease.

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