GcMAF Curing Cancer

GcMAF CURES CANCER - Let’s get it in our hospitals now!

Those of you who thought the treatment for cancer was in the human body all along, were correct.

The FDA is killing 600,000 Americans with cancer a year by banning GcMAF. GcMAF is a safe natural protein that 5 billion people make; it is the body's way of curing cancer and therefore a human right, is one per cent the cost of chemotherapy, forty times as effective, and GcMAF has negligible to no side effects.

    GcMAF was discovered by scientists in the human body in the 1980s. Some have estimated that by concealing GcMAF for 25 years the FDA has killed perhaps as many as 15 million Americans who had cancer.

    If it were put into American hospitals it would save 75% of terminal stage-4 cancer patients. Immuno Biotech Ltd.’s GcMAF clinics in Switzerland and Guernsey were saving 77% and 89% respectively.

        Health Freedom News was the first magazine to bring GcMAF to the attention of the public, and has continued to do so ever since. The National Health Federation has publicized GcMAF continually since 2008, and it was Scott Tips who brought knowledge of it over to Europe and production was started by others over there as a result of learning about it.

Demand GcMAF be legal and available to CURE CANCER in American hospitals now!

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