Contact Tracing HR 6666 Unconstitutional

Fight H.R. 6666 Contact Tracing aka Government Surveillance

The Bill from Hell!

Under the guise of protecting people from COVID-19, the government is intent on surveilling private citizens on a massive scale in a historic breach of privacy rights. A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush gives Big Government the right to track citizens’ movements as they relate to so-called COVID-19 “mitigation efforts.” This legislation would allow, among other things, health bureaucrats to enter individuals’ residences and even remove individuals from their own homes or quarantine them there!

This bill is being called the “Mark of the Beast,” and aptly so with its 6666 moniker. The bottom line: it is a bill from the pit of Hell and is monstrously unconstitutional.

Contact your Representative today. Leverage your action by sharing and let’s shut this down now!

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