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Don’t Even Think About It!


As bad as the COVID-19 disease is, we all should be more frightened by the political response to COVID-19 than the virus itself. As Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics stated so well, “This is an intentional economic destruction that is being carried out for an undisclosed purpose.” Or, perhaps they know something about the virus that they are not telling us?

In the meantime, we all need to strongly oppose the current lockdown and destruction of our livelihoods and our lives. We need to actually laugh at the political and medical buffoons who have over-reacted and, by over-reacting, destroyed millions of lives and livelihood.

The facts show that the virus will, at most, kill fewer of us than those diseases we have seen around us for our entire lives; but if the political plans that are being put in place on the back of this fictitious coronavirus “crisis” are allowed to continue to completion, then all of us will suffer from a far less healthy and more restrictive future.

There is one thing that you can count upon: Just as COVID-19 was preceded by the Zika, Ebola, Swine flu, Bird flu, and other “End of the World” viruses, COVID-19 will itself be followed by yet another, as-yet-unnamed virus. Indeed, are we surprised to hear already, while still well in the trenches of the current lockdown, about the inevitable next pandemic? In an opinion written by two deans at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and published by the establishment magazine Fortune, these two spokeswomen for the Elite state that  the global outbreak of COVID-19 is in no way an anomaly and that it is only a matter of time before the next pandemic strikes. Of course.

This next virus will be proclaimed to be even deadlier than COVID-19; and tyrannical measures put in place, all in the name of “public safety,” will exponentially exceed the measures put in place now. No doubt a mandatory vaccination will be demanded of all citizens and residents, plus mandatory chipping of people so as to serve as proof of having been vaccinated. These are Bill Gates’ plans for our future.

So, how we, as freedom-loving people, respond to the current power grab will dictate how many of our freedoms will be left for us and our children in the near future. We all must loudly and persistently say “No.”

Tell the politicians and our public servants right now to “Don’t Even Think About It!” No mandatory chipping and no mandatory vaccines. Write them today and Make them sign the Pledge!

Also, to access and print out the Pledge and the "Don't Even Think About It!" flyer, click here and here.

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