Urge Congress to Take Action on Childhood Vaccine Safety

Decades of Lack of Reporting by Health and Human Services Will Not be Tolerated!

In 1986, Congress provided vaccine manufacturers with immunity from lawsuits should a child be hurt from vaccination. This was called "The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act."

Congress was to receive safety tests every two years from the Department of Health and Human Services, which completely blew it off!

A recent lawsuit proved that the Department of Health and Human Services has failed to do anything to protect the public's health when it comes to vaccines, yet provided plenty of other reports to support and promote vaccinations.

The Department has flown under the radar for 32 years but now is their day of reckoning along with the Congress that equally failed to demand the accounting. 

The safety of our Nation’s children is the National Health Federation’s #1 priority. We demand an accounting from lawmakers and media! Why was this overlooked when other reports from HHS were received? What are you going to do to remedy decades of damage done to children and families from Health and Human Services' lack of reporting on vaccine safety and breaking their agreement to do so? How will you create accountability to the people you represent going forward?

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