(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

Yesterday, and by a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court barely upheld Barack Obama’s misnamed “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” While the Court rejected Congress having any power to enforce this individual mandate under the Commerce Clause, it did uphold the mandate as a “tax.”  The funny thing is that, when this Act was passed, both Barack Obama and those in Congress voting for it swore up and down it was not a tax.  Yet, the Supreme Court just said it was a tax; and being a tax, could stay in effect.

ObamaCare has never been about health. It is simply about power and control, and enriching the big corporations with money from those people who can ill afford it, all while delivering a very inferior “disease-care” service loaded with drugs.  The health-insurance companies love Obamacare!  More customers forced against their will into a failing disease-care system.

Leaving aside the immorality of forcing individuals into a healthcare system they neither want nor would use, ObamaCare will never achieve its publicly stated goals.  Make no mistake, this legislation, which the U.S. Supreme Court just upheld in its idiocy, is a massive extension of government control over our lives.  The Constitution simply does not permit the Federal government to involve itself in any way in healthcare.  Period.

Renew your pressure on your Congressional delegates.  And demand that Congress truly repeal the ObamaCare monstrosity.  Simply put, you and I must continue an uncompromising fight for health freedom.

It is time to allow a true free market in health care, while at the same time getting the Federal and other government attack dogs to back down from their assaults on natural health care, supplements, and other alternative treatments that “free” ObamaCare would push aside from the marketplace.

Do not allow this government decision to discourage your commitment to fighting for liberty.

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Nov 6th, 2018
Sharon W. from Mount Pleasant, SC signed.
Nov 6th, 2018
Keith C. from Austin, TX signed.
Aug 10th, 2018
Aaron F. from Irvine, CA writes:
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Forced healthcare is Unconstitutional and the works of a third world nation.
Mar 27th, 2017
Someone from Blue Bell, PA signed.
Aug 22nd, 2016
Ann M. from Chicago, IL writes:
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Please show me where in the Constitution the authority is given, for the Federal Government to be involved in health care. I'll save you the trouble, it doesn't. It's quite obvious that the end goal is to lead us into socialized medicine. It's time to take a look at that oath you took when you became a public servant. You all have and continue to violate it. Do us all a favor and take a Constitution class before you continue to write laws.
Aug 19th, 2016
Someone from Princeton, NJ signed.
Apr 18th, 2015
Kari Y. from Irvine, CA writes:
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Our country was built on freedom and freedom to choose. Let's keep it that way!
Mar 5th, 2015
Misha E. from Bonita Springs, FL signed.
Mar 5th, 2015
Misha E. from Bonita Springs, FL signed.
Feb 26th, 2015
Carol D. from Lake Jackson, TX writes:
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GREED is in their hearts, Not LOVE!