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Overturn Washington, D.C.’s Attack on Vaccine Parental Consent

Congress must overrule DC’s attack on parental rights, oppose vaccine mandates and tracking, restore pharma liability, require independent safety testing and protect civil rights for refusers

Jeopardizing Parental Consent.  The Washington, D.C., or District of Columbia (DC), government passed a bill (B23-071) allowing minors to vaccinate without parental consent.  Bad enough due to child immaturity to credibly weigh benefits versus costs (their frontal lobes don’t even develop fully until their 20s), this bill cruelly pits family members against each other and violates what the Supreme Court in the 2000 “Troxel” decision considered one of the oldest, fundamental rights – that of the parent to actively and integrally participate in and help shape their children’s decisions.  Worse, the bill conceals from parents their child’s vaccination – by forbidding providers from recording the shot, insurers from explaining it in their benefits, and school personnel from noting injections in student records.  So, parents could notice their kids getting sick and neither they nor their doctors would ever know the vaccine was the culprit.  DC’s bill also violates parental-consent requirements from the 1986 Vaccine Injury law and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  By law, Congress has one month to overturn bills passed in DC, so we need emails from everyone urging their Representatives to pass the Lee/Cloud joint resolution (SJRes7/HJRes25), which would veto B23-071.

The National Health Federation (NHF) is the World’s oldest 501(c)(4) health-freedom organization, having since 1955 defended food and healthcare from government interference and special-interest corruption.  For questions see contact lobbyist Charles Frohman, at 202-258-8027 or

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