Help Repeal Obamacare - Act Now (H.R.6079)


          As you must know, the Senate has H.R.6079, the “Repeal of Obamacare Act” (otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), before it for consideration. The House of Representatives has voted thirty separate times to change or repeal the Affordable Care Act, only to have Senate Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin block any vote in the Senate. 

          I am writing to ask you to do the right thing and communicate my strong felt desire to Senators Harry Reid and Dick Durbin, and other Democratic Senators, to bring H.R.6079 up for a vote in the full Senate. As a taxpayer and voter, it is insulting that I have to even ask that Senators do what they are elected and paid to do. It is insulting that Senator Reid and Democratic leadership are putting politics and blatant partisanship ahead of what is right.

          Senators are supposed to represent the views of their constituents and not use shady procedural moves to avoid voting on controversial matters, or to spin the individual mandate as a “penalty” when in fact it is a massive tax increase on middle-income Americans.

          It is time to allow a true free market in health care, while at the same time getting the Federal government attack dogs to back down from their assaults on natural health care, supplements, and other alternative forms of medical treatments that “free” Obamacare will push aside from the marketplace. Instead of focusing on availability, Obamacare proponents need to be focusing on quality.

          Obamacare is simply about power and control, and enriching the big corporations with money from those people who can ill afford it, all while delivering a very inferior government-controlled “disease-care” service loaded with drugs. Leaving aside the immorality of forcing individuals into a healthcare system they neither want nor would use, Obamacare will never achieve its publicly stated goals. It is a massive tax increase and extension of Federal government control over my constitutionally protected liberties.

The Senate must bring up H.R.6079 for a vote, and responsible Senators should vote to pass the bill.

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Jul 24th, 2012
cheri t. from New Braunfels, TX signed.